Photos courtesy of UCLA Athletics, BYU Photo, Rafael Beer, and GK Elite Sportswear.

No Excuses


An inspiring biography of Aimee Walker-Pond, a gymnast who competed at the level of international elite despite being born deaf and blind in one eye. The book describes how she overcame her struggles to achieve international success in a competitive sport.

March to Freedom


A first-hand account of World War II from Edith Singer, a Holocaust survivor who lived in the Auschwitz death camp with part of her family. Her surprisingly positive memoir describes daily life in the camp and her eventual march to freedom.

Adventures in Writing


An introductory guide to teach students the proper way to write by using the prewriting, writing, and rewriting approach. It also shows students how to think critically through active reading strategies.

Success Strategies


An activity book for college students that helps them experience a rise in their academic success. The book touches on several beneficial topics such as goal setting, motivation, time management, and more.

En Marcha Hacia La Libertad


A Spanish edition of the popular book March to Freedom: A Memoir of the Holocaust, En Marcha Hacia La Libertad tells the story of Edith Singer, a Holocaust survivor who lived in Auschwitz death camp with part of her family.

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Impact Publishing, LLC  was founded in 2008 by educators to combat the skyrocketing prices of college textbooks. We produce inspirational and educational books of non-fiction at low prices so that students can afford to be educated and instructors can feel confident in the texts they use in their classrooms.

Many of our books are used in classrooms across the United States.  Adventures in Writing: An Introduction to the Writing Process with Readings is a textbook that teaches the proper processes for reading and writing. Success Strategies: Accelerating Academic Progress by Addressing the Affective Domain is an activity book designed to help college students to develop the habits of mind needed for success in the classroom and life. March to Freedom: A Memoir of the Holocaust is a first hand account of World War II through the eyes of a concentration camp survivor, Edith Singer. The latest book to be published is No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond, the biography of a girl born deaf and blind in one eye who rises in the gymnastics world to compete at UCLA, BYU, and as an international elite gymnast.

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