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No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond

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Product Description

No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond traces the gymnastics career of a girl born deaf and blind in one eye. Despite challenge after challenge and setback after setback, Aimee rose in the gymnastics world to compete for UCLA and BYU and at the level of International Elite—a feat no athlete with comparable disabilities has accomplished in the history of the sport. This biography describes how Aimee overcame her health struggles, learned American Sign Language, succeeded in gymnastics, enjoyed social activities, acted in movies, traveled to Hawaii and Russia, worked hard in school, competed in college, and found romance. Bruno Grandi, President of the International Gymnastics Federation, said, “Aimee has filled our hearts with the fire of warmth and love and inspired us all to become better.” Valorie Kondos Field, head women’s gymnastics coach at UCLA and winner of six NCAA National Championships, said, “Aimee’s not deaf. She just can’t hear. Why would she need two eyes, when she has one? She has no excuses.”

Aimee explains how her story begins at the release of No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond.

Watch the interview with Aimee Walker Pond by Tim Worthylake of World Around You at Gallaudet University in Washington, D. C.  This interview is presented in American Sign Language with captions, and it has no audio.

Sammy Linebaugh of The Mountain Network interviews Aimee Walker-Pond in “Raising the Bar: The Aimee Walker Pond Story” at BYU in 2007.

Get a behind the scenes look at the printing process and development of the book.

Modeling images of Aimee Walker-Pond

Images from Aimee Walker-Pond’s Wedding

Other Images of Aimee Walker-Pond

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August, 2015

12 reviews for "No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond"

  1. :

    I always felt lucky and privileged to have met Aimee and her family when our oldest son, Cary, played basketball in the same league as the two Walker boys, and I will always treasure the memories of helping Aimee with her aerial cartwheels on the sidelines while the boys played, working with her and enjoying her colorful personality on the set of Little Girls in Pretty Boxes, and seeing her interact with her Washington Elementary school classmates as she played host to me during their Olympic Day.

    I am even more gratified having read Aimee’s remarkable story of extraordinary determination and resilience, and of her unrelenting quest to be the best she could possibly be no matter the circumstances, while also remaining true to herself, her family, and her beliefs.

    My respect and admiration for mom and dad, Patsy and Cam, grew exponentially as I turned each page and discovered answers to questions I had previously asked silently, but could never possibly answer because until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, no one should take that liberty.

    As a parent, devoted gymnastics fan, John Wooden and Valorie Kondos Field admirer, and one who views success in terms of personal growth, not medals or titles won, this is a story that inspires me.

  2. :

    Aimee’s story is inspirational and motivational! Her attitude towards her life and career is inspiring.

    Although she had every opportunity to quit or to use her disability as an excuse throughout her life, she never did.

    This quick read follows Aimee from before birth throughout her career. With all the challenges that Aimee faces on a daily bases, she is a great example of discipline and strength. I laughed and cried as I got to know Aimee and her family through this biography.

  3. :

    Not only is No Excuses a biography that inspires women, athletes, and those with similar disabilities, but No Excuses portrays a powerful journey of success for an inspiring gymnast who did the seemingly physically impossible (who very often was reminded of this by those around her). I would recommend No Excuses to anyone because of its ease of flow, profound delivery, and engaging dramatics. Aimee Walker-Pond’s story is inspiring for many reasons, but the detail within her journey of No Excuses allows you to feel as though you really know her, and for that, is worth the read.

  4. :

    Wonderful Book! I was able to read it in 2 days while working full time, it’s an easy ready but full of depth. I was privileged to meet Aimee once at the Santa Clarita Conference mentioned in the book. I grew up in the same Ward as the Clinger family and grew to love them all. What a wonderful and DETERMINED young lady. And what a blessing to have been born to such loving parents.

    No Excuses has given me the desire to change my life and endure, without complaining, the trials and tests that come my way.

  5. :

    No Excuses is an inspirational story, told with heart and compassion. As a parent of a hearing-impaired child, I admire this young woman’s courage and perseverance. This insightful book and the story of Aimee Walker-Pond’s triumph over adversity inspired me and brought me to tears.

  6. :

    NO EXCUSES is, if nothing else, a page turner, an easy (short) read, an inspiration, a tear jerker and a huge motivation to all who come to learn her amazing story. I read the book in 2 hours and have taught it to all my returning students this year at my LAUSD public high school, where our first assignments have been “How can I apply Aimee’s NO EXCUSES” philosophy to my own life.” Combined with Bauby’s ‘THE BUTTERFLY AND THE DIVING BELL” (he dictated his entire book with the only muscle left in his control, winking his left eye) the students have realized that their excuses are almost meaningless compared to the mountains overcome by others. This book should definitely make it to a filmed version, although I don’t know the climax, as Aimee’s life seems to be going on a continual upward momentum. Adam Kempler’s writing style is swift and visual, so that every reader not only learns about Aimee’s life, but actually re-lives her frustrations and triumphs as they read the book. Congratulations to all involved. There’s even some delightful humor among the stern trials (read the chapter on her first kiss from a famous movie star); it is a triumph of writing and a triumph of life. An Olympian motivator!!!!

  7. :

    I do not think that I have ever read such a short, quick read that was so inspiring and motivational! I did not want to put the book down until I finished it. Aimee’s determination to keep going and rise to higher levels – not only in gymnastics, but all areas of her life – is something EVERYONE can and should aspire to. I kept thinking, “If Aimee can do this with the handicaps that she deals with, I certainly ought to be able to rise to a higher level in areas of my life”! Adam Kempler did a wonderful job capturing Aimee and her family’s struggles, heart breaks, joys, and accomplishments. At times, as I was reading it, I would cry, laugh, and want to cheer her and her family on, as though I was living it all with them. Looking forward to the movie!

  8. :

    Aimee’s story is incredible! Despite all of her physical challenges, she never gave up or took “no” for an answer. She is such a hard worker and a very talented athlete. I was very impressed with how many encounters and stories the book touched upon. It is apparent that many people were touched by her life and her story.

    I was also shocked to learn that Aimee has hip dysplasia. I have hip dysplasia and, unfortunately, I often use it as an excuse to limit myself when I should be pushing myself. Aimee probably had hip pain through her years of training, but she kept pushing herself to be the best. She is an inspiration to me.

  9. :

    “Can’t” vs. “Can”—Which of these two words is responsible for the discovery of the American continent? The development of the polio vaccine? A man walking on the moon’s surface? Unfortunately the preponderant attitude that is heard in our present culture is: “I can’t;” “We can’t;” “You can’t.” Students hear it. Teachers hear it. Employers hear it. Almost every level in today’s society is infected with this excuse-laded attitude. How refreshing then is a book entitled NO EXCUSES. How even more refreshing and inspiring is an account of a young woman and her family who saw significant physical challenges, to be rather than a self-imposed prison cell of self-pity and ruined dreams, as a door of opportunity.

    NO EXCUSES: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond is an engaging, smooth read for older elementary thru adult individuals who will ask themselves continually through the book: “How would I have had handled these challenges?” and “How can I apply Aimee and her family’s resilience in my own circumstances?”

    NO EXCUSES educates and enheartens—a truly worthwhile and memorable read.

  10. :

    Aimee’s story is very inspiring! It is an amazing tale of courage, strength, determination, and beating the odds! It is so easy to fall into the trap that we have a weakness, therefore we have limitations, and excuses. Aimee’s story is a motivational and an excellent reminder of how far one can rise above their circumstances. She truly became a light and example to me. I know when this book is read it can truly motivate us to push on!

  11. :

    Very inspirational! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Aimee’s story and will encourage my daughters to read it as well. Her positive attitude and perseverance through difficulties is uplifting and sustaining. She makes it known to us that we can do hard things!!

  12. :

    Ben a deaf I am always looking for stories like Aimee’s. Her positive outlook and support of her family helped. Enjoyed reading of her travels as well.
    This book is a keeper, I read it in one day. Then gave away my copy, then had to order another copy.

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